2016... here we come


Well, it's that time of year again.   The crews are busy putting the final touches on the cars and reaty to hit the track testing.    The 2016 Schedule is out so check it out and hope to see you at the track.



Summer Review....

What a busy summer we have been having. Here is some updates on what’s been going on….

Our first race was in Palmer, Alaska for the July long weekend and it was amazing! The people at this track treated us like kings and queens.  We felt so appreciated and welcomed from the fans.

The cars ran exceptionally well given the low altitude. The Corvette (Scott Bourdin) had some transmission problems, but we swapped it out for the spare and we were good to go.  The Cuda (Darrell Webb) received an awesome reception.  Shaun Nault was a local racer and he was building the Cuda in California.  Shaun passed away and never had a chance to drive it.  Darrell bought it and finished it and was excited to drive it for Shaun’s friends and family who came out to watch.  They put a memorial decal on the car for Shaun for the weekend.  It was quite emotional for some.

Sherrie from Superbird racing took the track record for fastest woman driver in Alaska running 200.85 mph. The track presented Sherrie with a trophy for her achievement.  She will have to return to maintain her record or set the bar higher for the next woman.   Congratulations to Sherrie and her crew.

Sherrie and Darrell both won fastest and second fastest runs for both Saturday & Sunday events.

This race was set up as the "Canada/Alaska Challenge".  We are pleased to announce that the trophy came home to Canada.  We will have it at the IBAA events for the balance of the year.

We want to thank the track staff for all their hard work and Earl and his wife Karen for their generous hospitality.   

The trip home was just as exciting although the Wildfires in the area kept us locked down for half a day.  We will definitely go back there without a doubt.



Some of our members had to miss the Rocky Mountain Nationals in Edmonton this year. We had already confirmed with Yorkton after the event in 2014 so when we heard that IHRA changed the dates of the National event to the same weekend we already had a commitment.


Cars running at this event were Sherrie Bodnarchuk, Darrell Webb, Rick Yamada and Luc St. Hilaire. The Yorkton track staff did an excellent job at prepping the track. It only took the first pass to get the cars figured out and the drivers all did a great job.


Sherrie held the track record for fastest run at 4.55 seconds in the eighth mile. After a bit of tuning, Darrell managed to steal that from her with a 4.54.


The rest of the IBAA members remained in Edmonton for the National Event. Trying for a 6.90 index, all qualified, but went out first round. As we normally run between 7.20 and 7.50 this number is a bit out of our reach. Congratulations to those that made an excellent effort and showed the heart of the IBAA.



Our next event was the “OUTLAW” race presented by Ace Manufacturing. This race was joined with the CMDRA Bike Drags at Castrol Raceway. Once again, all the cars ran awesome and we had a great time. The CMDRA was very appreciative that we were able to put some rubber down for their Nitro Harleys as well as their rest of the bike racers. As this was not an official IBAA event, most of our members were there to participate. Thanks to Harold Parfett for hosting this race again and we look forward to an invite next year.



HOT AUGUST NIGHT was just that… HOT. It was extremely busy with fans. The track was in great condition and the cars ran great. Cody Anstead, Scott Bourdin, Darrell Webb, and Rick “Kato” Yamada represented the IBAA and did a fabulous job. Darrell beat Shane Reykdal with a 7.18 against Shane’s 6.86 breakout. Scott beat Joey Steckler after Joey got out of shape after the 300 ft. mark. Cody red-lit, but would have won with another breakout against Jimmy Fersch. All in all another great night of racing as usual.



Grande Prairie had their Bi-Annual “Drag Wars” on August 16th & 17th. The track was marginal and a typical airport surface, but everyone did the usual Once again, Sherrie took the track record for E.T with a 7.23 in the ¼ mile.


Later we all had a good time bench racing in the evening and managed to run Sunday fairly early and get home by 11:00 p.m. We always like doing these types of shows in the smaller centers that don’t get to see these kinds of cars often. It is always so much fun.



This weekend we were in Saskatoon for the Funny Car Shootout. The weather was very cool, but we still managed to make 3 passes on a cold track. There was a lot of bouncing and an unexpected wheelie by Erv Neudorf driving the Twisted Motorsports Camaro for Cody. The drivers all put on a great show for a ton of diehard race fans. They did the usual long burnouts with lots of smoke and noise.


Well that brings everyone up to speed on what has been happening over the summer.


Our last race of the year is in Drayton Valley for “Thunder in the Valley” September long weekend. We are looking forward to this one too.

June 16, 2015


This passed weekend found the Webb Family Motorsports team and cars at Castrol Raceway.  Both cars sounded and ran fantastic.  The Cuda being just a shakedown pass, soft launch, short shifting and a bit of pedalling was a 7.92 @ 171 mph.  Scott didn’t miss a beat from being off for the winter and made a stellar pass right out of the box with a 7.30 @ 192 mph.  They are now just going to gather all the spare parts and tools needed for the long haul to Palmer, Alaska and pack up for the trip.   Again a huge thanks to the team for all their help over the past couple of months.   It’s been a trying time, but was well worth it after yesterday.

Also an update from the ASB team from their test weekend.  They made 4 passes to get the car dialed in.  Last pass was 6.82 sec at 202.52 mph.   You can see some of there pictures and some video on Facebook under  ASB Race Stuff.    Sounds like they are ready to hit the track for the Rocky Mountain Nationals in July.


June 10, 2015


Webb Family Motorsports update - Car #2 - It  Lives!!!!   Finally, after many, many, long nights we have fired the Cuda. Everything is good, no leaks.   Just a quick clutch pedal adjustment and she is good to hit the track.  The body has been primed and ready for the wrap.  Both cars will be out this weekend for testing... hoping the weather stays dry.   A huge thanks goes out to all our crew for the  extra hours getting everything ready.  And also thanks to the families for letting the guys be away from home so much.    After this weekend, things should return to our usual shop night schedule.

Superbird Racing has been out on the SIR track a few times over the last few weeks and are running great. 

Both teams are ready to hit the highway for the long trek to Palmer Alaska on the 26th.

ABS Racing was out at Castol last weekend testing and I hear they made a 6.86 pass.

Flatline Racing is working hard to get their car ready to fire. 


May 16, 2015

It is getting close to race time.   All of the crews have been busy getting the cars ready to race.

Twisted Motorsports were out at the track a couple of weekends ago testing the Camaro.  They ran a stellar 6.96 at 192mph with a .034 light.   Pretty amazing for the first hit. 

Superbird Racing is ready for testing.

Webb Family Motorsports are ready to fire the Vette and working hard fabricating the Cuda and working on the body.   Hopefully it will be ready to hit the track soon for testing. 

The 2015 Schedule is set and has been posted.   We are still waiting for confirmation of the race in Grande Prairie.   


August 24, 2014


This weekend we were in Saskatoon at SIR.   The weather was brutally cold and the track wasn't much better, but thanks so much to Skippy and crew for the awesome effort to try to get the track to work for us.   There just simply was no heat in the track for the VHT to work.   All the cars were out and did the usual awesome burnouts.  The runs weren't stellar, but the fans loved it and we all got down the track without any damage to the cars or the drivers.    Jerry and Brenda Kos unfortunately had severe engine damage on the test pass after a great burnout, but will thrash all week to get to Drayton Valley next weekend.


I am so happy to say we also had long time past member Brent Jones from Montana join us this weekend.  It was great racing with Brent again and hope we will have more to come.   Jamie Kemp, also a long time past member was also at the track helping out another Montana car.  Hopefully we will see Jamie back in a funny car and racing with us again in the near future.      It really feels like the IBAA has come full circle.   What a great weekend with great friends. 


We have to thank the Bodnarchuk's for putting on an amazing spread of food during the race.  And, OMG, a special thanks to Baba Bodnarchuk for the most amazing perogy I have ever tasted... I ate enough for 3 people.

As always, the race ended with good food, good drinks and great people. 


Next weekend find us all in Drayton Valley, AB.




 It's August and it's hot... put those together and you have the annual Hot August Nights race at Castrol Raceway.   Come out and see our drivers lay down their side-by-side long smoky burnouts.   We run at 7:00 and 9:00.   Come to the pits for hero cards and get the drivers signature.


Well after a very long delay I am happy to say.... We're baaaaaack!


We thank you so much for your patience.   We will have live updates from each race and ongoing updates about the teams.   All are working hard to get their cars fired up to get on the track to do some testing.  Unfortunately, our race schedule is shorter this year than expected as we have had a few races cancelled due to track conflicts. 


We are really looking forward to the 2014 race season.





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